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Data Resources for Reporting: Polls

Poll Resources

20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results from the National Council on Public Polls
Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Election Polls Edition from WNYC’s On The Media

Poll Aggregators (they pull together data from many polls)

  • Polling Report non-partisan site, lists polls from various reliable sources. For access to State Polls, see secure logins page
  • HuffPost Pollster tracks thousands of public opinion polls

FiveThirtyEight aggregates polls and uses statistical analysis to tell stories about elections, sports, economics, etc

RealClear Politics aggregates latest election polls and selected news stories

Why polls got the 2016 elections wrong.

Articles on how the polls got the 2016 elections results wrong:

How the polls got it wrong: A conversation with an election polling expert, The Hub, Johns Hopkins University.

The Polls Missed Trump. We Asked Pollsters Why., FiveThirtyEight

What Went Wrong With the 2016 Polls?, The Atlantic

Pollsters tackle what went wrong, Politico