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Cops & Crime Research: State & Local Criminal History (rapsheet) & Court Case Database

State and Local Criminal History (rapsheet) and Court Case Database

NYS Webcrims (login as a public user) — docket info on pending criminal cases in local and superior courts in 13 counties and summons cases for all of New York City, updated nightly

NYS Criminal History Record Search Fee-based ($65.00) — statewide criminal history search, from the NYS Office of Court Admin.

Local Law enforcement or court sites, like the sheriff’s office, county jail or local court. Some may have databases, and if not, call them. You can sometimes find arrest record, mugshots, etc.

Call the county district attorney/prosecutor’s public information/communications office, or check the website for details. Many times you can get criminal history, case info and documents — ex.: DA’s Office for New York County.

NYS Unified Courts press center website — contacts and latest from NYS courts, sometimes includes documents and info on major court cases

NYS Courts Press “What’s New” — latest news from NYS Unified Courts, sometimes has documents from prominent cases

Lexis Academic has info on cases where a motion was decided in higher court. Here is a tutorial on how to find cases on Lexis. It’s easier to search than these two NYS decisions sites:

Supreme Court Civil and Criminal decisions dating back to 2001, NYS Appellate Court Decisions and NYS Dept of Correctional Services inmate lookup. The last includes every defendant sentenced to NYS prison since the early 1970’s, except youthful offenders and those who have had their convictions set aside by a court.

NYC Dept of Corrections inmate lookup — goes back to Sept 2005, NOTE: won’t show up in here after 30 days post release.

NYS Division of Parole and NYS Division of Probation Parolee Lookup

New York State Sex Offender Registry — registered sex offenders in NY classified by risk of re-offense

Access to NYS State Court Records summary of the rules regarding access to NYS Court records