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This guide will help you better navigate through all of the resources that we have to offer!

Code of Conduct

To ensure the Research Center offers an equally conducive learning environment for all users, the following basic rules of conduct have been established.

  • All materials, equipment, or property should be checked out before being removed from the center.
  • Materials should be returned to the center when due, or renewed.
  • Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic theft devices, using post-its and paper clips or in any other way damaging or defacing library materials is prohibited.
  • Users shall adhere to copyright laws, especially paying attention to the systematic downloading, printing, or disseminating content from CUNY-licensed electronic resources which is in violation of copyright laws.
  • Food or drink should be enjoyed outside of the Research Center. Any food and drink found on tables or desktops in the Center will be removed by staff.
  • Users are responsible for the security of their own property.
  • Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging or destroying any computer system, network computer program or data is prohibited. Consequences for such actions will include suspension of library privileges and may result in the expulsion from the program.

These rules are guided by the Graduate School of Journalism’s Code of Ethics. For more information on the J-School’s Code of Ethics visit the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY's Code of Ethics.