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Fact Checking, Verification & Fake News: Social Media Verification

First Draft News Verification Courses

First Draft News Free Verification Courses

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First Draft News is a group of news media partners dedicated to helping reporters find and verify content that emerges online. Their site includes training guides for social media news gathering and verification -- like the above video, for example.

Bellingcat's Digital Forensics Tools

Bellingcat - Crowd-sourced investigations, & training citizen journalists in conflict zones

Bellingcat’s Digital Forensics Tools - A list of open-source verification and investigation tools and methods

How Journalists Verify UGC

Journalists' Verification Activity Map & Handbook

More Verification Tools

Google Earth

Send to EXIF Viewer Plugin opens images in a metadata (EXIF) viewer

YouTube Data Viewer from Amnesty International extracts metadata from videos

YouTube GeoSearch Tool find videos by location and keyword

YouTube Frame by Frame plugin lets you view videos frame by frame 


Storyful is a social media news wire that uses journalistic techniques and standards to verify user-generated content (UGC).

Here's a Medium post that explains the slides below: Verification 101: Storyful’s advice for checking out material from social media, and putting it into practice.

#InsideStoryful: Finding Dylann Roof

Storyful details the process of verifying Roof's website.