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Access World News - Clip Searches/Article Searches

Article Searches

Search tips for finding articles in Access World News


"And" is the most important word you can use when searching databases. It tells the database that you are looking for all of the words in your search results, instead of a phrase. If you search the words queens foreclosure, a database will search that exact phrase, unless you specify queens and foreclosure. 

Click "More search options" on Access World News


This allows you to search for words to appear within specific parts of an article, including the headline, the lead/first paragraph, or byline (author).


The search example below will pull up results with both words queens and forclosure*. The asterisk searches word variations like forclosure or foreclosures. The word crisis will appear anywhere in the text of the article.



Searching for phrases using quotation marks is helpful in Access World News. "foreclosure prevention." In this example, we're searching for the word queens in the lead paragraph and the phrase "foreclosure prevention" anywhere in the article. 

Working with your results


The facets on the left let you sort the articles by newest or oldest, you can modify the date range or sort publications location.


Skim the summaries for articles that look useful, check the boxes next to the headlines for the ones that your want to download or email.


Then read your background articles to prep for your reporting.