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This guide will help you better navigate through all of the resources that we have to offer!

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Using Interlibrary Loan at the J-School

Interlibrary loan (ILL) service offers you access to items we do not have in the Center’s collection. Please use the CUNY Libraries Intra-Campus Delivery Service (CLICS) to request items from other CUNY libraries. We can request these items from libraries across the U.S. and have them delivered to you via the Research Center. An ILL request can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to arrive, so you should not initiate an ILL request for items you need when working on a story with a tight deadline.

To initiate an Interlibrary loan, please use our ILL form:

You will be contacted when your material(s) arrive.

If you have questions about ILL, CLICS Service, or about a request you would like to make, please e-mail Tinamarie Vella at, or call 646-758-7752.