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Finding People Fast: Databases to Find People

Start with a Google Search and an article search in Access World News

Do a Google name search in quotes "firstname lastname." Search past and present email addresses and phone numbers in Google. Do an article search of the person's name in Access World News.

Pipl Search - J-School Subscription

We have access to PIPL Search for finding people and social newsgathering. It's a straightforward tool just plug in a name, username, email, or phone number. Your results may have an address history, date of birth, emails, cell phones, relatives, place of business, and links to social accounts. Here is a brief video overview of the PIPL Search

Reference USA - J-School Subscription

Search by name, address, and phone number on each of these modules separately on ReferenceUSA (J-School Database):

  • Standard White Pages search all phones listings, only updated annually
  • New Movers searches forwarding addresses supplied to USPS, updated every three months
  • Consumers/Lifestyles searches marketing info that private companies provide to the USPS
  • US Businesses (current), US News Businesses (new), US Historical Businesses (non-active businesses) search by business name or executive/owner name


FamilyTreeNow search by name to find addresses, phones (including cell phones), businesses, and relatives.


The paid version of ($$$) mines social media accounts and public records information to find people. 

Search Spokeo by name, address, phone number, or username to identify relatives, contacts phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts. is a free public records search by name, address, phone number or email

Voter Registration Records

Voter Registration Records Free research tool of more than 70 million voter records. Only has select states.

Accurint Public Records Search (email Tinamarie Vella or Cristina Maldonado)

After you have tried all the other available people finding tools, make an appointment to see Barb Gray or Tinamarie Vella and we can search Accurint for you, to help you find a contact or background a person for reporting. You can also make an appointment with one of us here.


You have to email Barb or Tinamarie for a report on a property. is a database of all things related to a certain property! It searches NYC, NYS, Miami, LA, San Fran, and other selected areas nationwide, for real estate information by owner (it also unmasks real owners of LLCs), address, and parcel ID. It combines public records and proprietary commercial data into one report.

Remember when you are looking at these docs, that a seller, attorney, address for buyer, business address of buyer, etc., can all lead to more information in other databases.‚Äč - Free Public Data Search

Xlek free public data searches, including: Voter Registration, Property, Corporate Registration, Campaign Contributions, Financial Cases.

Search the free site by name, address or email.

Whoxy Domain Search

Whoxy free domain search by company, name, including historical. Many domains are registered through a third party, but try searching the historical filings in case they ever registered using their own info. Can also see all the domains owned by a person or a company.