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Mining Census Data for Reporting: Census Databases for Reporting

Census Databases for Reporting

NYC Census FactFinder find NYC Census data by neighborhood. To get started, type in a neighborhood.

Social Explorer (Newmark J-School) quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. You can search for data by community district, and create maps to share on your site. Here’s a tipsheet on how to use Social Explorer.

Census Bureau's Explore Census Data search portal. This video tutorial will help you navigate the site.

Infoshare (Newmark J-School) a database of NYC Census data, which you can search by community district and neighborhood. Click on “main menu” button, then the “profile an area” link, then choose New York City, New York State or USA. You can choose borough, community district or neighborhood, then choose ACS, then the date. 

NYC Data Guide from Baruch College's Newman Library

Census press releases subscribe to receive emailed Census press releases. Localize any national reports they release.

Census Reporter a tool to simplify finding and using Census data.

NYCdata from Baruch College Ziclin School of Business for all kinds of data on NYC, including Census data, by topic.

US Census data catalog search for a variety of Census data by category.

Facts for Features collections of demographic and economic Census Bureau stats pertaining to holidays, anniversaries, observances or topics in the news. 

Stats for Stories links to newsworthy Census Bureau stats relating to current events, observances, holidays, and anniversaries.

Census data tools and apps the Census’ interactive applications you can use to find statistics from multiple surveys..  

Census For Journos Twitter List of Census and other demographic reports

Using Census Data a great video from the NPR Data Viz team on using the Census in reporting